According to research by Computer Associates with Vanson Bourne, 88% of 1,425 IT executives already have or plan to adopt DevOps sometime within the next five years, while 55 per cent were looking to work with new partners with DevOps expertise.


DevOps gets its name from the interface between traditional development and operations teams, but is much more than a simple bringing together of a sometimes dysfunctional relationship.


This movement within the global IT industry is credited for reducing the amount of time spent debugging and deploying, and reduces the time to market for software applications.


Other key findings included:


  • Those adopting DevOps are likely to invest in people and tools as part of their implementation of the strategy, with 63% globally hiring new resources and 51% engaging a consulting firm.  46% said they were planning to give additional training to their development and operations staff.
  • 44% of respondents globally cited a need to improve application quality as the main driver.
  • A full 95% of these companies say they have seen have seen an increased frequency of deployments of software and services as well as applications made available across more platforms.
  • The biggest obstacles to successful are security (28%) and organisational complexity 27%.